Backroom Casting Couch – 18yr Old Anal


18 year old Maria is a dream come true. She’s 18, petite, blonde and has a bombshell of a body! I suppose it is the week of Christmas, so this is our gift to you. If we ever had an adult job to give, this girl would be the one to get it. I know I mentioned she’s only 18, but she is one hell of an 18 year old. This girl is going places, maybe not the adult industry, but she’s for sure going to go somewhere. Maria is ready to do what it takes to get this gig. After giving her the once over and getting to know her a little better, it’s time to get those clothes off.


She’s got a bangin’ body just as I suspected.. one of those tight 18 year old bodies. We get her back to the couch and some toys in them holes. She’s pretty new to anal, but she takes that buttplug in like it’s no problem. Then it’s time for my favorite part… the part when I get to put my dick in some young hot chick’s mouth. She’s a head master, she did this thing where she like licked my pee hole. Idk that I’ve had that before and it made my toes curl lol. I start to work that pussy, and get some doggy style on the floor. Check out that arch. Jesus Chirst. We do a little more vag fuckin’ and then I start working that ass. It’s fresh, and tight, so we don’t get to do a whole lot of ass fuckin’. But it’s enough. I make her taste her ass and get some baby gapes before I blow my baby batter all over that pretty 18 year old face. It’s funny cause she leaves it on her face as Rick finishes interviewing her… and it’s absolutely dripping lol. Finally, she gets dressed and she heads on out just the way I like it. Thanks a bunch Maria, Merry Christmas! <3 Cam [fieldtrailer “trailer”]

Date: February 6, 2022
Actors: Maria

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