Evolved Fights (Dark Reach Cash) – Bella Rossi Vs AJ Fresh


Bella Rossi has been having a hard time with the boys lately. She has been getting dominated a lot lately so today she wants to take her vengeance out on AJ Fresh. AJ is a very strong man. He literally bench presses Bella Rossi off of him multiple times today Bella has more sex fight experience but AJ is scrappy enough to get out of the holds she puts him in. This is an interesting match. AJ uses his muscles to try to dominate Bella. At the end, The winner flexes and makes the loser worship their muscles. Loser is not allowed to touch the winner while the loser is edged and sexually played with. AJ busts a creampie in Bella for the Winner’s choice finish

Date: October 11, 2022
Actors: Bella Rossi

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