Evolved Fights (Dark Reach Cash) – Bella Rossi Vs Cody Carter


Cody Carter is undefeated but he hasn’t really been tested against an elite sex fighter. Bella Rossi is one of our Top sex fighters and she is the ONLY female to get an instant victory in round 3 by way of Orgasm on the Mat (see her match with Marcelo to watch the glorious pop while he is pinned and jerked to pop). Both of these elite Sexual Gladiators really dislike each other for having such good reputations in the sex fight world and today each of them wants to prove he or she is the better sex fighter.


They talk a lot of trash prior to the match and in between rounds during their interviews. Cody dominates wrestling in round 1 but Bella is use to these dudes coming in to a sex fight trying to wrestle the whole time so she has some tricks up her sleeve for this dude. The match goes all the way and the winner puts the loser on their knees and uses their face. The loser if choked fucked. This prize ends in a creampie finish

Date: April 10, 2022
Actors: Bella Rossi

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