Nuru Massage (Fantasy Massage) – Corporate Mandated Massage


Ryan Mclane has arrived for a massage appointment, but he seems annoyed. He is greeted by the masseuse, Christy Love, who asks him why he’s irritated. Ryan complains that he’s only there because his company instituted corporate mandated massages for wellness. He thinks it’s baloney and feels he’s behind in work. Christy assures him that it’s only for an hour, and leads him to a private room…


Ryan keeps trying to do work on his cellphone instead of preparing for the massage, so Christy gently but firmly takes the phone out of his hand and puts it on a shelf, saying that work can wait. As they get undressed for the massage, Ryan then starts trying to do work on his smartwatch, so Christy has to take that device away from him as well. Ryan begrudgingly agrees to behave and be in the moment.

Christy uses some NURU gel to massage Ryan with her hands, then applies more gel and slides her nude body up and down his back. As the sensual massage continues, Ryan finally starts to relax, enjoying himself. When he turns over so Christy can massage his front, he pops a boner. She offers to have sex with him, so his mind and body can finally have a total break from work. Ryan is surprised, but likes the idea very much. She strokes his cock and kisses him, and then rides his cock as well. It looks like Ryan’s company was right about this being great stress relief!

Date: February 19, 2022
Actors: Christy Love

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