Nuru Massage (Fantasy Massage) – The Next Big Thing


Seth Gamble is an investor looking to expand his investment portfolio, which is why he finds himself in a massage parlor that day. The thing is, the massage market is PACKED, so Seth is looking for the next big thing.

Meanwhile, the owner, Gabi Paltrova, is eager to win his favor, offering him a standard massage to let him sample the goods. However, Seth isn’t impressed and becomes cocky, insisting that every other massage parlor offers that, so what makes HERS worth investing in?


That’s when Gabi remembers she has old nuru supplies laying around. Although she’s not that experienced with it, she’ll try ANYTHING to be able to expand her business. Once she offers a nuru massage, Seth is instantly intrigued to learn more.

Gabi soon has them both strip down, and Seth is even MORE intrigued as she breaks out the nuru gel and drizzles it all over their bodies. She’s a bit clumsy at first, but sparks soon fly as she finds her rhythm and sensually shows Seth exactly WHY she’s worth investing in!

Date: April 10, 2022
Actors: Gabi Paltrova

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